The Best Cordless Electric Hedge Trimmers Money Can Buy

Having a garden also comes with a whole range of responsibilities. You will need different tools which will help you to maintain your garden well. One of the most challenging chores for a gardener is to trim their hedges. If you have hedges or bushes then you might be looking out for a hedge trimmer, but with so many variations and brands available out there in the market, how can you get the best pick for your needs? With our list of cordless electric trimmers there is no need to worry, in this article we have reviewed the best hedge trimmers that will perfectly suit all your requirements. We have listed out some of the best cordless electric hedge trimmers with some of their features too. Have a closer look at these models and then you can go ahead with your final purchase.

  • It comes with hardened blades which are made from steel
  • The ergonomic handle comes with a soft blade
  • The interchangeable battery can be used with other WORX products as well
  • The trimmer is also very light in weight – 6 Lbs

This trimmer is considered to be one of the best budget pick for many customers in the market. This is a good hedge trimmer for homeowners as it has some great features to offer while also giving great value for money. The features of this product are as follows:

  • It comes with hardened blades which are made from steel
  • The ergonomic handle comes with a soft blade
  • The interchangeable battery can be used with other WORX products as well
  • The trimmer is also very light in weight – 6 Lbs
  • It cuts branches of around 9/16 inch in diameter
  • Also, it has a 20 volt Lithium battery which comes with a charger too. This battery gives an increase in power
  • Apart from all these features, the product also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and offers a warranty period of 3 years

Best Heavy Duty Cordless Hedge Trimmers – Dewalt DCHT820P1 22 Inch Hedge Trimmer

  • It is a powerful trimmer
  • It also offers a comfortable and steady grip to the user
  • The top cover can be removed for maintenance and it has a housing with a high-impact that gives durability and resistance from shock
  • It also has a good battery charge

This trimmer is superior in quality and also offers higher power for cutting. This model is compact and also is lightweight. You are going to get great output from this model and it doesn’t make too much noise as well. Some of its amazing features are mentioned down below.

  • It is a powerful trimmer
  • It also offers a comfortable and steady grip to the user
  • The top cover can be removed for maintenance and it has a housing with a high-impact that gives durability and resistance from shock
  • It also has a good battery charge
  • It is a good pick for cutting heavy-duty edges and thick branches
  • This model offers a trigger mechanism
  • It comes with a limited warranty of 3 years
  • It helps in cutting branches as thick as ¾ of an inch

Best Cordless Hedge Trimmers for Large Hedges – Greenworks G-Max 40v 20 Inch Pole Trimmer 


This trimmer is a perfect option for your hedge needs. You can use it for tending your flower gardens, trimming bushes and higher hedges and for maintaining your garden in general. It comes with some good features so do not forget to check them out. Some of them have been mentioned right below.

  • A device which is simply easy to operate
  • The blades can be adjustable
  • Also, it works well for trees
  • Comes with good battery life

Best Cordless Hedge Trimmers for Ease of Use – Sun Joe HJ604C 2 in 1 Shears 


Looking out for a non-hassle, trimming experience? Well, then this is a good pick for you. This trimmer comes with a 7.2-volt lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable. Also, this machine is super light in weight and weighs about 2.5 lbs. apart from this; It also has other features to offer.

  • The best use of this hedge trimmer is for grooming of hedges, smaller garden areas and also reaches out to those areas where your mower cannot reach.
  • Also, it comes with blades that can be interchanged which can be either used for trimming of hedges or grass
  • Longer battery life
  • It offers a 2 in 1 tool feature where you can easily convert it from a hedger to a grass shear without any hassle

Best Enthusiast Cordless Hedge Trimmers – Greenworks Pro 24 Inch 80V Cordless Hedge Trimmer


Greenworks have been making their products since 2007 and you can be free of stress when using their equipment. They are famous for their all-time battery-powered garden and home equipment since back then. They have built a strong customer base with 80V gear and interchangeable batteries. Some of the features offered in this hedge trimmer.

  • You can truly rely on its power and you will also be astonished to see how far the technology of battery has come.
  • These batteries have been developed in such a way that they work across the line of products. So, if you are working with more than one product you will be able to charge that with the additional batteries.
  • The charging is quick – you can keep it to charge for about 30 minutes and you will get good power for a decent amount of time.
  • It also has other features like the Lithium-ion battery and a handle with the rotating rear.
  • This hedge trimmer weighs 12 lbs.

Best Cordless Hedge Trimmers For Longer Branches – Serene Life Upgraded Cordless Hedge Trimmer 


This garden trimmer for long grass is reliable and ergonomic which is a perfect pick for long-term use. It uses the art cut technology and thus it gives a hassle-free cutting experience. Apart from this, the hedge trimmer is also portable and light in weight. Also, it makes cutting on larger properties quite simpler.

  • It comes with a 2 in 1 system where quickly change from 100 mm to 70 mm grass cutting.
  • You can be lured by the design of this trimmer but it offers great output and makes the overall operation simpler.
  • For easy operation, this device comes with a landscaping design.

Best Cordless Hedge Trimmers For Thick Branches – Dewalt DCHT820P1 Hedge Trimmer 


At times, it is difficult to get rid of the overgrowth in your backyard. What do you do then? Well, there is nothing to worry about with this hedge trimmer, which will help you with all your essential stubborn overgrowth issues. Wondering how is that even possible? The DEWALT DCHT860M1 trimmer has a great capacity to cut through the bushes even if it is tough to get the job done. Apart from that, the product is assured of a long-lasting life. Now, let us check out some of the amazing features offered by this hedge trimmer.

  • Comfort: the handle is perfectly comfortable. So, even if the hedge is of different configurations you will be able to comfortably trim the hedges. Even if you have to keep trimming for a few hours continuously this won’t get you tired because this equipment is light in weight.
  • Durability: the shock-resistant housing will make sure that the blades are protected from getting damaged. This trimmer runs on battery and is portable. Also, it saves you from all the effort of running to a gas station to get it fuelled every time you need to get a trim.

Best Cordless Hedge Trimmers for Professionals – Black and Decker 40v Max Cordless Hedge Trimmer – 24 Inch


If you are searching for a good and professional hedge trimmer, here is an awesome pick that will suit any professional. When you want to maintain a professional look in your garden you will have to use professional equipment as well. This trimmer provides you with great mobility and power too. Some of the key highlights of this hedge trimmer are as follows.

  • This is one of the most trusted and reputed brands available out there in the market.
  • It comes with a quick-cut technology
  • Trim 6000ft per charge
  • It is equipment that is lightweight. It weighs about 5 pounds.
  • It also offers an integrated swing function
  • This equipment is designed ergonomically
  • Apart from all these features, this device also offers intelligently controlled energy

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Best Cordless Hedge Trimmers for Professionals

Why should you opt for cordless hedge trimmers?

Well, you might be in two minds on whether you should purchase a cordless or a corded hedge trimmer for your gardening needs. We have listed out some of the most obvious reasons as to why you should go cordless. With these benefits, you will be able to make up your mind on your best pick.

  • Light-weighted machines: the weight of your hedge trimmers, isn’t a small factor. If you have lighter hedge trimmers then your cuts are going to be straighter. Opting for cordless trimmers is beneficial because they are light in weight. With this essential benefit, you can also reach those areas in the bushes which otherwise would have been difficult. This implies that you can get hedges even and straight for a beautiful garden.
  • Offers you flexibility and convenience: another perk of using cordless trimmers is that you can roam about with it without any hassle. So, it gives you the flexibility and convenience that you require to get your job done. Even if you have some areas to deal with outside your garden you can easily do that. All thanks to this cordless trimmer!  
  • It starts very easily: in comparison to the corded trimmers which can be such a nuisance to start, these electric or cordless trimmers are so much easier and simple to start. All you need to do is pull the trigger and voila, the blade will start working immediately. Isn’t that great?
  • Helps in faster completion of the work: not everyone would want to spend their precious hours in the yard doing all the work. So, people are looking forward to devices which will make their work easier and finish work faster. Thus, opting for cordless power tools is a great decision.

What are some of the essential features you need to consider while shopping for a hedge trimmer?

If you are buying a hedge trimmer for the very first time then you might not be aware of the various things that you need to consider before your purchase. To make it easier for you, we have made a list of various things that need to be taken into account before you pick the best cordless electric hedge trimmer for your needs. Check out the pointers mentioned below for more insights on the same.

  • Safety features: it is important to take a closer look at the safety features of your hedge trimmer. You will come across some models with a hand guard that will keep the debris away from falling back at you. Apart from this, there are other safety features that you should try finding in your hedge trimmer. This includes the two-handed hedger, where both your hands are needed to activate the trimmer. Also, the on/off switch lock is a useful safety feature that you should be looking out for as you could be distracted for a while you have kids or pets roam about in the garden.
  • Blade length: the length of the hedge is another important factor that you need to consider before making your purchase. With an appropriate length of the trimming blade, you will be able to effectively trim all the sides well. If you require the hedger for heavy-duty purposes then you can check out those models which come with a larger tooth gap.
  • Light in weight: if your garden has hedges that are densely packed and large then you should pick a hedge trimmer which is light in weight. It will be well balanced and you will not face any difficulty while holding it.
  • Pivoting head: make sure you opt for a trimmer that has a pivoting head so that you can adjust the trimmer in such a way that it can fit the hedge size. This feature is very useful especially when you trim down the sides and along the top of the hedge.

Choosing The Perfect Cordless Hedge Trimmers?

When you are searching for hedge trimmers, there is a wide range of options to choose from. Before you set out for your purchase, there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself. Make sure you check the list given before your purchase.

  • What type of branches will you be pruning – Thick or thin?
  • The type of job you will be using the hedge trimmer for – heavy or light work?
  • The type of property you will use it on – commercial or residential property?
  • What is the size of your lawn – small, medium or large?
  • What type of hedges will you be trimming – low, high or wide hedges?

The types of hedge trimmers available

The long reach trimmers:  these types of trimmers are specifically designed for trimming hedges that are low and high, hedges that have different heights and difficult to reach the cover of the ground. So, with this type of a hedge trimmer, you can angle the cutting bar in such a way so that it can easily reach to the top of the higher hedges and also deal with a larger area of the brush without having to take any help of unstable ladders. Some models of this type of trimmers come with extra tools like long-reach conversion tools and a pruner. Another major reason why you should buy a long reach hedge trimmer is that it helps lessen the strain on your back. You should also know that the long reach trimmer can have an adjustable shaft or a fixed shaft with the cutting blade placed at the end of it. So, this blade can be conveniently titled in any way you want to cut the hedge which includes the top or even the side of the hedge.

The double-sided hedge trimmers: this is one of the most commonly used hedge trimmers. This is usually used for shaping or trimming the hedges as per preference. Make a note that this is the type of trimmer which is used domestically and commercially. They usually come with an adjustable ergonomic rear handle which offers good flexibility when trimming the sides of your hedges. 

Also, people use double-sided hedge trimmers for complex and long-hour jobs. It comes with an adjustable handle which makes it so easy to change the direction of the cut. This comes handy when you are trying to trim those bushes which have an inappropriate shape. Apart from this, it can also be used for those spaces which do not have a lot of places.

The single-sided hedge trimmers: this type of a trimmer is designed specifically for trimming the straight areas of your hedge. They are considered to be a perfect option for hedge mazes, straight hedgerows and for those cutting tasks that are heavier and longer. Also, this trimmer is light weighted. If you are not aware, you should know that these hedge trimmers can also be fitted with long cutters which can help cut larger hedges. In this way, during the cutting process, the machine will not get unbalanced. These types of trimmers are designed for commercial gardens.

Knowing More About Cordless Hedge Trimmers: In the older models of cordless hedge trimmers, the run time was up to 20 minutes without charging.  Now the newer models can go on for longer. You need to bear in mind that it will depend on the brand and the model they will usually have a run time between 40 minutes up 1 hour. This might seem to be an issue for the professional trimmer but a homeowner will not have any problem with a cordless hedge trimmer. They can finish their work with ease, perfection and no hassle.

What Are Cordless Hedge Trimmers Used For?

You should be aware that even though these cordless hedge trimmers are making news out there in the market, they aren’t compatible with all tasks. Let us give you an overview of the different types of jobs for which they are suitable

The main objective of designing these cordless hedge trimmers is for easy handling and it being lightweight so that it can make work easier for the people who want to trim their hedges. They are perfectly suitable for taller hedges as well. Some of the trimmer models also come along with an extension arm so that you do not have to stretch excessively.

When you have a bigger garden area, you wouldn’t want to get tangled with the messy extension cords thus this is why you should choose cordless hedge trimmers which are an amazing choice for your needs.

Also, if you require a hedge trimmer for professional gardening reasons then this might not be the right pick for you because it has a short run time which can cause hassle for your work. But you can check out the newer models which have recently made it to the market. Those are considered to have a quick charging time and also come with extra battery life.

Also, if you consider buying cordless hedge trimmers online then you must check all the reviews mentioned by customers. With this, you will know if the features offered by that particular product are what you are looking forward to. Also, when you order online you will come across various great deals and you might even buy whole sets of garden tools!

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