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Best Tillers for Breaking New Ground (2021)

We all know that tilling is one of the most important steps in getting the garden ready for planting. But with so many different tiller models on today’s market, how do you know which one will be the best tiller for breaking new ground?

When people think about tiling their gardens, people associate big machines and tractors that not everyone has access to. These days, there are very high-quality, lightweight tilers that do easy work when it comes to loosening soil and lifting weeds right out of the ground.

PriceTilling WidthTilling DepthBrandPrice
Greenworks 2707210 inches5 inchesGreenWorksView
POWERWORKS TL60L2510PW8 inches5 inchesPowerWorksView
Mantis 7250-00-039 inches10 inchesMantis View
AAVIX AGT30712.6 inches8.7 inchesAAVIXView
Earthwise TC7001616 inches8 inchesEarthwiseView
Greenworks TL80L21010 inches5 inchesGreenWorksView
Sun Joe TJ604E16 inches8 inchesSun JoeView

The tilers mentioned here are some of the best electric tilers that are on offer and reduce any aches and pains and aid the user in being comfortable while also very effective.

If you have recently moved house and thought to yourself that the garden might need cultivating, take a look at some of the tilers we have mentioned here. No need to hire landscapers to lift up your soil, when there are so many lightweight options to choose from. A bit of hard work and effort will go a long way, coupled with these tilers you’ll be able to re-soil your garden in no time.

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Best Tillers for New Ground Reviews

It’s that time of year again, when you start thinking of the first fresh tomato, the first fresh egg, and the first fresh strawberry of the season. And you think about all the new ground you’ll break this season to make all those things a reality.

If you’re like most gardeners, you’ll be trying to figure out which tiller to buy—and there are many, many choices out there.

The following are some of the best tillers for breaking new ground you can find in the market:



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The Black and Decker 20v Max Tiler is ideal for any enthusiast, professional or home owner. It makes easy work when cultivating gardening beds, landscaping beds and aids with the weeding process. The cordless garden tiler easily breaks through hard soil to allow water and nutrients inside the soil, stopping any dry spots and reaching those plant roots with ease. Its also very good for smaller patches of soil that you may want to turn into a growth patch. Its equipped with 2 easy to manuver tines and can prevent tangling.

The telescoping shaft adjusts for the user to the perfect length, allowing you to operate the machine without having to hurt your back, or other parts of your body. The upright design, coupled with the ergonomic grips are an excellent addition to this tiler.

The Black and Decker 20v tiler is equipped with a powerful 20v lithium ion battery that offers a long-life span, charging 5x longer than other brands equipped with a 18v battery. There is no extension cord and the battery are capable of swapping between the 20v tool family. On a single charge Black and Decker state you’ll be able to get 325sqf of soil which is a huge area for battery powered tillers.

Since 1910 Black and Decker has set the pace for excellent tools, accessories and outdoor yard equipment. They are the inventor of the first portable electric drill, so they know what it takes to make an excellent, great quality tool. When people need hard work done, they usually turn to Black and Decker.

  • Counter oscillating tines to prevent tangling
  • 325 square feet per charge
  • 20v lithium-ion battery
  • Powerful transmission with dual tines
  • 2-year limited warranty which includes the battery
  • This electric lawn and garden equipment release zero emissions in your yard.
  • No more tangled weeds thanks to counter oscillating tines.
  • The lightweight upright design helps lessen arm fatigue while cultivating.
  • Counter-oscillating tines prevent weeds from tangling

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Greenworks 10-Inch 8 Amp Corded Tiller

 Greenworks 10-Inch 8 Amp Corded Tiller 27072

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The Greenworks 10” corded tiler is an excellent lightweight, budget alternative to the other more expensive tilers. It is equipped with an electric instant start like its counterpart and makes easy work of hard soil and garden areas. You can change the tines to increase the width for a wider row, or keep it as two tines. 

This will change the outcome of the tiling surface however. There are great instruction manuals that come with this tiler and help configuring this beast a breeze. The instructions are picture based so we found it very easy to set up and get going. 

The best electric cultivator is very able to make numerous 3” lines through the yard and takes roughly an hour or so to do, depending on how fast you go. It smashes through smaller flowerbeds and lighter soil and it’s a very good tiler for someone a bit older, or someone who isn’t used to using heavier machinery.

Having seen the other Greenworks corded range we are easy to pick up one of these and give it a go. The strength of the brand alone is enough for us.

This tiler is lightweight, super quiet and is powerful enough to tackle any tiling job around your home. It does require assembly and setting up however that’s the fun part.

Having previously purchased the Greenworks Corded mower and weed trimmer, it was easy to convince me to purchase this tiller on the strength of the brand alone.

Ultimately, I would recommend this for purchase. It is inexpensive and is capable of doing the hard work in your yard.

  • Foldable handles for storage
  • Adjustable tiling depth up to 5 inches
  • Adjustable tiling width between 8.25 to 10”
  • 8” forward rotating tines
  • 8 amp motor with an instant electric start

Powerworks TL60L2510PW 60V Brushless Tiller

Powerworks TL60L2510PW 60V Brushless Tiller

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The Powerworks 60v brushless tiler is a high performance, through power tool. The range designed by Powerworks are power horses in performance in durability. The 60v tiler is equipped with an excellent battery powered engine delivering ample run time, and great power performance in an electric tiler. 

Easily power through your yard work with the Powerworks 60v tool. Its equipped with an instant start motor, a battery that can be interchanged between other Powerworks 60v tools, and excellent adjustable tines. The tines strike at a speed of 1700 strikes per minute and being an electric tiler, this is extraordinary.  The range offers a 4-year warranty on the tool and a 2-year warranty on the battery.

Over the years we have been trying out ranges of electric tools, including dethatchers, leaf blowers and hedge trimmers, to test whether the power output is similar to gas powered tiler. 

We have explored bigger tilers as well but it isn’t until you get a high quality electric tiler that can change your mind. Being a cordless tiler, there is no cords, no maintenance mess and you are free to tile where ever you want.

There isn’t much to this. What you are really paying for is the battery. The engine has enough power and the tines are strong and the handle is metal but the rest of it is plastic.

  • Interchangeable batteries between the 60v Powerworks range
  • Foldable handles for excellent storage
  • 4” steel tines with a 8” tiling width
  • 5” tiling depth
  • 80b brushless motor with electric instant start

Mantis 7250-00-03 Electric Tiller

Mantis 7250-00-03 Electric Tiller

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The mantis 7250 tiler is an instant start tiler, packed with a 3 speed, powerful 540W motor and has no emissions what so ever being electric. When using this tiler, you don’t need to worry about disrupting your neighbours. 

At just 21 pounds, the 9-inch width allows the user to get into those hard to reach spaces around your yard that other tilers might not be able to reach. The curved tines are designed to break up clumps that in turn, create fluffy soil. 

This tiler can dig 10” in depth and with an adjustable tine area, you can adjust them accordingly. By turning the tines around to shallow the top layer of soil, or even just to power weed your garden.

This tiler is equipped with comfortable grips offering fatigue free use. IT sports 3 pre-sets, enabling this tiler to operate without any issues. The Mantis 7250 Tiller features convenient fold down handles for easy transport and storage.

  • 115v double insulated 540W circuit breaker
  • Collapsible for easy storage and use
  • 21 pounds in weight
  • Instant start motor
  • 540w motor

AAVIX AGT307 Electric Tiller/Cultivator

AAVIX AGT307 10 Amp Electric Tiller

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The AAVID AGT307 is a very well-designed cultivator/tiler and has a bunch of great features when the handle is released. The tiler is very effective when it comes to loosening hard soil and clay, and without any difficulties. The powerful motor rips through debris. 

The efficient tines spin fast and effectively allowing the blades to bust through even the toughest garden areas without buckling or getting stuck. It’s a great tiler to look at and holds its space well in the market. The strong design of the AGT307 is aimed at being a powerhouse in the tiling area. 

The handle is very comfortable and offers less vibration than other cultivators. The wheels are adjustable, meaning you can raise or lower them when figuring out what your garden needs. In a normal garden where there aren’t any stones or clay, it has no issue tiling these areas. 

The tiler will cut through these areas with ease. According to the supplier, pulling the tiler backwards is the easiest and quickest way to get through solid clay. IF you force it you may run the risk of permanent damage to your tiler so be careful.

If you are swapping from a gasoline powered tiler, this is a great option and one not to be overlooked. IT might not be used for the heaviest tiling jobs however its very easy to use and is great for older people. When working with this tiler, you need to make sure that once you’ve finished tiling, the blades aren’t still rotating. We have read that there are issues when powered down, the tines will spin on their own for a short while. Overall, for the price and ease of use, this tiller is wonderful.

  • 7” tiling depth
  • 120v 10amp motor
  • 13”
  • 6” head width

Earthwise TC70016 16-Inch Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator

Earthwise TC70016 16-Inch 13.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller

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The Earthwise TC70016 corded tiler is an excellent electric tiler, sporting a cutting width of 11-16” with a depth of 8”. This tiler will enable precision when planting and this tiler is an excellent tool when it comes to getting your garden up to scratch. You can use this tiler without any worries of it not being able to do the job, enabling you to bring life and healthy growth to your lawn or soil. There is a great instant start feature, like most electric tilers, however, it starts like a breeze when you push the button.

Earthwise is an American lawn mowing leader in the industry since 1895. They have a ton of tools that enable any gardener ease of work and great quality tools. Earthwise offers a great line of products, and being electric, this tiler cuts out any mess and hassle of gas-powered tools.

This tiler sports an ergonomic handle that folds down for ease of storage and has a safety hook on the handle so that the cord is out of the way. With the adjustable steel tines, the rototiller aides in tiling harder areas and weeding in mid-sized garden areas. The 13amp motor brings in a lot of power and will aerate the lawn very well. When you tile with the TC70016 your soil will get the much-needed oxygen and water that every lawn needs.

The Earthwise tiler offers most features with a great price and if you are looking for a tiler within a budget then check this one out. It’s not perfect but it’s a real workhorse that surpasses any performance of any electric tiler. The tines also rotate very fast which busts through tough debris and soil. If you find that your tiler is bucked, or jammed make sure you turn it off and unplug it before trying to clear. If you need to replace an older tiler or want to try an electric one over a gas tiler, have a look at the Earthwise range.

  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable and ergonomic handle
  • 5 amps
  • 6 adjustable tines

Greenworks Pro 10-Inch 80V Tiller

Greenworks Pro 10-Inch 80V Tiller TL80L210

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The Greenworks Pro 80v 10” tiler features a powerful brushless motor, offering a 10” tiling width, 5” tiling depth and four forward rotating tines. The bumper guard enables cushioning over mould while tearing through dirt and loose material. The Pro 10” tiler offers great soil management and the ideal condition of the dirt when tiling should be roughly 60F. The soil shouldn’t be too wet, as this might pose problems to this tiler. The Greenworks Pro 10” is only compatible with 80v batteries. The 60v battery will not fit/operate this tool. If you have a 60v battery you can use it with the TL60L2510 cultivator. Being an electric tiler there are no cords, its very lightweight, no maintenance issues, it has great power and lasts a long time when in use.

It’s a powerful battery-operated tiler and compared to a gas one, you might not see the difference. It rips through the soil, digging unwanted rocks without any restraint. It will take care of a large area in a minimal amount of time and with its quiet operation, you might not even notice it running. If you are looking for a tiler that will pretty much operate on its own, of course you have to push it, then this is a great option. It has a 40-minute run time with a rapid charge battery, letting you get a lot of juice out of 30-minute charge time.

This is a very lightweight tiler and makes fantastic work of small flower beds and raised garden areas. It is very lightweight, enabling the owner to lift it into smaller garden beds and with its adjustable height, its perfect for any area that needs tiling. Because it’s such a lightweight tiler it does bounce around in harder soil, however, if you keep a firm grip, nothing will stop you.

  • Brushless high torque motor
  • Super quiet operation
  • 8-10-inch tilling width
  • 40 minutes run time with their rapid 30-minute charge
  • 4-year tool + 2-year battery warranty

Sun Joe TJ604E Electric Garden Tiller/Cultivator

Sun Joe TJ604E 16-Inch 13.5 AMP - best tiller for breaking new ground

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Sun Joe are experts in offering powerful machinery with price in mind, backed with excellent customer support and warranties.

The TJ604E sports a powerful 13.5-amp motor that will rip through any tough soil and enable excellent tiling opportunities. The steel tines can get into an 8” depth which lets the gardener mix loose soil while also breaking up harder dirt pieces. The TJ604E has excellent foldable handles which enables the owner to store it in pretty much any sized shed.

It offers 3 adjustable wheel positions so you can get wider and deeper into that soil. The T604E is an excellent entry-level tiler and will help anyone with relatively smaller jobs around the garden. If you’re looking at a cost-effective and efficient tiler, then this might be the option for you.

Because this is an electric tiler, there are no more messy chemicals and gas smells and is very easy to maintain. It starts reliably every time and is instant ins tarting as its electric. This truly is a great tiler and operates with a cleaner, greener image in mind as there are no emissions from an electric tiler.

It takes around 20 minutes to assemble and folds away in very small spaces. The tiller is smaller; however, it is a beast and doesn’t jump around in the soil, offering stability and efficiency. If you are just starting out with tiling, or are slightly older this tiler will dig up a storm for any enthusiast.

  • 5 AMP motor
  • 16” wide and 8” deep
  • 6 steel angled tines
  • Handle folds down for easy storage
  • Sun Joe offers an extensive warranty

What’s the difference between cultivating and tilling?

According to Mantis, tilling is actually a form of deep cultivation that is necessary when preparing a new garden bed or when adding large amounts of organic material. Tilling will cultivate the soil 8-10 inches deep, perhaps even more if you are creating a new garden bed in an area where the soil is very poor.

Should I wet the ground before tilling?

If you wet the ground before tiling, this may make the tiler unable to reach deeper into the soil as poor soil compaction can occur. If it has just rained, make sure to wait until your soil is relatively dry before beginning tiling.

Can you plant immediately after tilling?

When you have tiled your lawn, we recommend waiting to start any planting operations as tiling exposes those hard to reach weeds and other unwanted plants. This brings them to the surface and exposes their roots to the elements, hopefully killing any weeds and making your garden look exceptional. Generally, gardeners wait for a few weeks before beginning any work on a recently toiled patch of land.

Things to look out for when buying an electric tiler

When looking for the best tiller for breaking new ground, you need to make sure you get one that can make easy work of hard soil. Sometimes when people purchase tilers, they incorrectly get lower quality tilers or tilers that can’t handle hard dirt which is frustrating, to say the least.

Before purchasing a tiler, we recommend you read as many guides as possible and figure out what your needs are so that you can narrow your options down.

For example, a different type of garden might need a smaller tiler for those hard to reach areas, or a bigger garden might need a tiler that can handle bigger areas. If you’re wanting to break ground with your tiler, which everyone aims to do, it will need to be a relatively powerful one as well.

If you don’t tile often, you might look at getting a cheaper, lightweight alternative for the interim, saving you money and time. Since tiling doesn’t happen often, and generally, you only need to break your ground once during seasonal planting, you can simply rent a tiler if purchasing isn’t what you’re looking for.

What type of soil you have?

We advise making sure you know what soil you will be working on before you use the tiler to tear through the ground. One of the factors you should consider is whether or not your ground is super hard, or relatively soft in order to pick the correct tiler. If the soil has clay and rocks throughout, it may be harder to use a cheaper tiler when breaking through, because it isn’t designed this way. If you have thicker weeds and other such debris, a lighter weight option might be the best way to go.

When thinking about the soil, make sure you have a solid understanding of what type of garden you have as it will make purchasing or renting a tiler much easier.

If you are a professional gardener and are looking for a tiler for commercial use, you will notice that the price will be higher due to heavier machinery. Things like gas tilers and cultivators that are equipped to the back of tractors are for those large-scale jobs that landscapers and farmers crack through. Getting an electric tiler like this one will help people break their ground in and remove any weeds and aerate the soil. The ones recommended here can be used commercially, however for the smaller jobs around the suburbs and at people’s houses for instance.

Size and Ease of Use

When picking a tiler, make sure you know what size ground you will be covering as this is an essential step when identifying a tiler for your needs. If you get one that’s too large for instance, you may not be able to get it into those hard to reach areas which will leave your lawn with untiled areas. Bigger tilers are obviously more powerful and are equipped with more tines, so it makes easy work of large jobs. If you are an older person, looking for a more lightweight option, any of the tilers mentioned in this article will suit your needs.

Most of the tilers here are great for doing soil jobs around the garden, turning old patches of soil into revitalized turf. They also fold away for easy storage and most come with adjustable handles, and foldable handles as well. When thinking about purchasing a tiler make sure you have the space necessary to store this tool as it might live in your shed for a while.

Make sure you pick a good-sized tiler that you think you can handle while also tackling any of those gardening jobs. Ones that are easier to move around are more suitable for those smaller home jobs and will get into those hard to reach areas like corners of your gardens and flowerbeds without causing damage.


Can a tiller be used to break ground?

Yes, you can use a tiller to break new ground. Both push and tow behind tillers are equally effective but push tillers are great when you are dealing with a small garden.

Will an electric tiller break new ground?

Yes, an electric tiller is very effective at breaking new ground. The tillers’ sharp and powerful tines can easily break new ground.

Do you push or pull a tiller?

It depends on the tiller you have. There are are push tillers and tow behind tiller. With a push tiller, you push the tiller as you walk behind it on foot. With a tow-behind tiller, you pull it using a lawn tractor or ATV.

Parting Shot

Tillers are one of the best inventions for breaking new ground. They make it easy to weed and add nutrients to your garden without breaking your back. They are a great way to get the garden ready for your spring crop.

Since there is such a big selection on the market today, it can be hard to find the best electric tiller for breaking new ground, especially if you are not an experienced gardener and that’s why I wrote the above guide.


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