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Paintball vs Airsoft: Differences and Similarities

Airsoft and paintball are both fun paint-filled backyard activities to do with friends. They can be played in a variety of different ways, but what’s the difference between them? Which one is better?

Read on to find out… – this article will compare paintball vs airsoft to help you decide which is right for your team.

In paintball, players compete with paint-filled pellets launched from paintball markers. In airsoft, the competitors use metal projectiles that are propelled out of a gun barrel by compressed gas, or “air.”

Airsoft is safer for younger kids because the paintballs are less likely to hit them on their head or face–they will generally just hit some armor.

The two games have very different rules and gameplay styles.

Similarities between airsoft and paintball

Paintball and airsoft are both paint-filled guns that people use to shoot each other with.

Airsoft and paintball are that both use a projectile that is propelled out of a gun with the power of spring.

Differences between airsoft and paintball

  • They are similar games, but paintballs can be messier than airsoft pellets, so paintball players have to wear protective gear.
  • Paintball markers use compressed gas to propel a ball filled with paint, while airsoft markers use a spring-powered piston that pushes a 6 mm plastic ball containing 6 mm plastic balls containing an easily identified red dye.
  • Paintball has a much higher rate of permanent injury. This isn’t due to the ratio of guns to players, but the type of rounds used. Paintball uses spherical gelatin balls as projectiles, which do not rely on mass to deliver energy, but rather rely on surface area. Air soft on the other hand, uses .20 caliber plastic pellets, which are smaller than paintballs, but are heavier.
  • The velocity of the paintball fired from a paintball marker is faster, because the paintball weighs less, but it’s surface area is larger, making it travel slower. The velocity of an airsoft fired from an airsoft gun depends on the surface area of the BB, but the larger the BB’s surface area, the slower it will travel.
  • Airsoft guns have a realistic weight and can be made to look even more realistic. In contrast, a paintball gun is a lot heavier and more bulky, looking less like an actual gun.
  • The projectiles from air soft guns are made of plastic or other synthetic materials, while the projectiles from paintball guns are made of gelatinous paint.
  • While paintball guns use paintballs filled with paint, which is expelled using pressure, airsoft guns use plastic BBs.
  • Paintballs are not as accurate as BBs, they can break, and they cannot deliver as much force as BBs.
  • BBs are significantly smaller, and hence less likely to break upon impact.


Which is safer paintball or airsoft?

Airsoft is safer because the paintballs are less likely to hit you on the head or face–they will generally just hit some armor. In contrast, paintballs can hurt very badly when they strike the skin, so it’s much better to play with BBs. If both players wear proper protection gear then there really isn’t any risk of injury from either type of marker.

Which game lasts longer: Airsoft or Paint Ball?

Airsoft Vs. Paintball

Both have different time periods required before they are finished, but airsoft is usually faster. Paintball games can take a longer time to complete because the paintballs must be cleaned up after each game.

Paintball takes longer than airsoft by itself depending on weather conditions and how far apart you play from your opponents.

What has more range airsoft or paintball?

Paintball has a much greater range because it uses spherical gelatin balls as projectiles, which do not rely on mass to deliver energy, but rather depend on the surface area. Airsoft guns use plastic BBs that are significantly smaller than paintballs and can be made with more accuracy.

Airsoft is better for short-range battles due to the fact that pellets lose velocity over distance traveled while paintballs travel at consistent speeds up to 100 feet depending on weather conditions.


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