The Best Heavy Duty Lawn Dethatcher To Clear Thatch

A lawn can add great beauty to your house and all, but maintaining it is not an easy task. The lawn lovers know it too well that watering and mowing are not the only things to keep your lawn in the proper shape. It requires a lot more. However, it is very important to know what exactly your lawn needs at the moment. You might be pouring your money over fertilizers and mowers, while all your garden needs is a simple rake. This completely puts all your efforts in vain. So stop assuming what your garden needs and start analyzing.

If your grass looks over-sized, you need to use a mower. You need a shovel if your garden needs digging. You should use a tiller for tilling the soil. The one thing that is often ignored is a dethatcher. You need a dethatcher to clear your garden of moss, dead parts of plants and grass and all the junk that hinders the growth of your garden. It is a simple tool but can do wonders. If you have fulfilled all the other garden requirements but dethatching, then have you even started? Because without dethatching everything else fails. It is one significant step to garden care.

About the Company

Mantis has been making your outdoor activities easier for more than 40 years now. It has a well-known position in the market of garden tools and equipment for its intelligently crafted products that are highly durable and efficient.

The Dethatcher Head

This cordless dethatcher has a wide head of 15 inches which can cover an extensive area over one go. You do not have to put extra time to dethatch the garden as with a smaller head. This can save a lot of time and energy. 

The dethatcher comes as a head only. It has to be connected to the tiller or cultivator offered by Mantis.

The Spring Tines

The machine is equipped with 60 spring tines made up of steel for durable performance. It can easily separate the thatch, cutting the junk out of the way of better growth of grass.

The Combo

Mantis offers the dethatcher along with an aerator. The aerator is another useful tool for gardening. You can use it to make small spaces in the soil to let air, water and other necessary nutrients to reach the roots conveniently and in the required amount. This helps in the growth of healthy grass to make your garden look lush and dense.

You can use this aerator on compact soil or the one that gets sticky when wet. It has four sets of blades made up of steel. These blades have sharp edges, great strength and flexibility. You can aerate your lawn before overseeding, which is to plant grass seeds in an already green lawn. It can also be used in spot seeding.

So who can say no to this amazing combo!


  • It has a width of 15 inches.
  • The dethatcher has spring steel tines counting up to 60.
  • The dethatcher comes with an aerator.
  • The aerator has 4 sets of the blade.

Yard Tuff Cordless Dethatcher

About the Company

Yard Tuff is owned by a global producer of the consumer as well as industrial products. The company produces a variety of products for home and commercial uses.

The Dethatching Head and handle

This cordless dethatcher is used for huge lawns or fields. It covers an extensive area of 60 inches in one go. This makes it suitable to dethatch vast fields in a short time. It seems unable to fit in a small lawn due to its wide raking head.

The Steel Tines

The dethatcher has 24 steel tines made up of steel to reach every inch of your garden in no time. It provides efficient results and offers great durability.

The Tires

The cordless dethatcher, unlike a corded dethatcher, needs the user’s energy to move forward. It cannot move on its own. Yet the 12-inch air-filled tires enable you to move these dethatchers over different types of terrains easily. The tires make the movement convenient and you do not have to put extra energy for that. 

The durability of the Dethatcher

The dethatcher is made with exceptional steel and is coated with dry powder paint, which makes it resistant to corrosion. This enables the equipment to provide you with a long-term service. You can use it in wet conditions too. 

The Handles

The handle is made up of the same material as the tines. It is polished and smooth. You can easily lift the handle and release your thatch collection at one place. There is another handle in the form of pin hitch which can be used to attach the dethatcher to the tractor.  The product has adjustable reel arms.  


The manufacturer provides a one year warranty for the product. So you can easily get it repaired or replaced at any time during the year.

Yard Tuff Rake

About the Company

Yard Tuff is one of the highly rated companies in manufacturing and distributing outdoor and indoor tools and equipment for home, shops, industrial and commercial use. 

The Dethatcher Head

This dethatcher by Yard Tuff covers a working width of 48 inches, which allows it to cover a wide area at once.

The four tine reels work as rotating dethatcher heads attached, forming this efficient equipment. They are arranged in a v shape to cover a wider area. Each reel has a diameter of 20 inches for smooth and extraordinary performance.  

The dethatchers’ circular motion turns the thatch into rows, making it convenient for the user to pick them up and clean the area.

You can choose to lift or lower the rotating reels by your hands. You can lift the reel arms separately if you want to windrow.

The Tires 

The tool has 12-inch air-filled tires that enable you to take it to various grounds.  

The Pin Hitch  

The manufacturer enables you to attach the equipment to any tractor or ATV through the pin-hitch. 

Build of the Dethatcher

The reel arms are made up of 1-inch tube-shaped steel which provides durable and long-lasting performance. 


The dethatcher has a one year warranty provided by the manufacturer.


  • It offers coverage of 48 inches of land with four reels of tines.
  • Yard Tuff issues one year warranty of the product.
  • It can be easily attached to a tractor or ATV with the pin-hitch.
  • It has pneumatic tires of 12 inches.
  • The material used in long-lasting product steel.

Agri-Fab Dethatcher

About the Company

Agri-fab is a perfect choice for garden lovers. It provides a range of lawn care products that ensure convenient and efficient lawn operations for a glorious and shiny lawn.

The Dethatcher Head

The dethatcher has a width of 48 inches, enabling it to provide coverage over a wide area. It is quite suitable to use on larger grounds which otherwise would require great efforts and time to be done.

The Tines

The dethatcher is equipped with 24 spring tines. These tines are made up of steel that are completely rust-proof, so they provide durable performance. They have been heat-treated which adds to their longevity. You can easily replace the tines when needed.

The Tires

The dethatcher has semi-pneumatic tires for better transport. They have a dimension of 7 x 1.5 inches.


The product comes with a very convenient handle to elevate or lower the raking head. The dethatcher can be connected to any tractor with the pin-hitch, which enables it to transport and perform very easily.

Weight Carriage

The dethatcher has a 48-inch long tray to carry thatch weighing up to 70 lbs. This is a large capacity. You can easily collect thatch over it and do not have to stop frequently to empty it. 


Agri-Fab offers a three years warranty for this product. Once you buy it, you do not have to worry about it for the next three years. The machine can be used in all four seasons.


  • The 48 inches wide dethatcher envelops a wide area.
  • It has 24 replaceable spring tines that have been treated in heat.
  • It has a 48-inch tray to hold up to 70 pounds of weight.
  • The dethatcher can be transported to different terrains with the strong and reliable tires having a dimension of 7 x 15 inches.
  • The producer provides you with a warranty for one year.

Scotts Cordless Dethatcher

About the Company

Scotts is a great solution for people who consider that lawns reflect personalities. It offers a comprehensive collection of tools and equipment for lawn and garden care.

Build of the Dethatcher

The dethatcher is made up of a lightweight yet strong plastic labeled as the ABS plastic. That enables easy operations and swift movement. The dethatcher can be used in summer, autumn and spring.

The Dethatcher Head

The sweeper has a width of 26 inch which covers enough area to dethatch a larger width at a time. It is suitable for small gardens and lawns. It can make your work easy and quick, so you do not have to break your back doing it for hours.

Spinning brushes

The dethatcher is equipped with three sets of rotating brushes. They move to clear the ground off the thatch and enable your ground to breathe and glorify. It helps the grass to grow thicker and healthier. The brushes can collect up to 80% of the debris in one go. The amazing part is that they can recognize nuts, rocks and other hard or wet substances that they should not be picking.  

The Handle

The handle of the dethatcher is made up of steel. This steel is super durable as it is resistant to corrosion and scratches. This ensures easy handling and effective performance.

Height Adjustability

With this cordless dethatcher, you can easily choose between the provided options of dethatcher’s height to fit your grass size. You can easily adjust the height using a knob. You can lower the height if you see the dethatcher is not collecting sufficient thatch, but if you find it difficult to move, you can easily increase the height.  

The Collection Bag

The dethatcher comes with a collection bag made up of a tough cloth, having resistance to various weather conditions which keeps the bag dry. The bag is strong enough to hold a large capacity of thatch and dead leaves and roots. All it needs is a tug to be lifted from its position on the sweeper. You can empty the container and place it back on the equipment. It is not at all heavy so you do not have to worry about carrying it or putting it back on place. 


The lightweight of the equipment makes it easy to carry or store. If you have a suitable hook, you hang it up on that to put it away when not in use.


  • The product comes with a width of 26 inches.
  • The dethatcher is quite light in weight.
  • The three sets of spinning brushes pick up maximum debris from the ground.
  • It is made up of ABS plastic.
  • The dethatcher offers a height adjustability feature.
  • It has a collection bag made up of weather-resistant material, having a large-capacity.
  • The handle of the dethatcher is comfortable and durable.
  • The dethatcher is easy to move and store.

Earthwise Lawn Dethatcher

About the Company

The comprehensive variety of garden equipment that Earthwise offers is known well by the users. They have been providing services to satisfy customers since 1895.

The Dethatching Head

This dethatcher has a width of 21 inches, meaning it can clean up to 21 inches in one go. This makes it suitable for small gardens, lawns, patios, sidewalks and even driveways.

Rotating Rake

The dethatcher has two sets of rotating brushes set over the 21-inch wide head. The brushes easily pick up the thatch, dead leaves and clippings of grass off the ground and into the storage bag.

Build of the Dethatcher

The equipment is very light weighted. You do not have to put extra energy to drag the heavy tool; instead, you can direct all your energy towards the main task of collecting thatch. The body of the equipment is quite sturdy and strong, yet very convenient to move and handle.

The handle of the dethatcher is made up of steel which is coated with a powder finish to make it resistant to scratches for a long and effective performance. It enables a good grip and handling.

Height Adjustability

Unlike many other dethatchers, this one offers the facility to adjust heights according to the grass size and terrain. You can elevate or lower it when needed with a simple knob which is very easy to turn and use. So you do not have to struggle with this aspect at all.


The dethatcher offers a great performance by picking up more than 70% of thatch in one move. It can quickly rake the grass and pick up leaves, but it does not collect solid debris like nuts and pinecones.

The Collection Bag

The collection bag with the dethatcher can store up to 2.6 bushels. It offers a large capacity for a small garden. So you do not have to empty it every minute and can perform the task without any hassle.

You can easily remove it when it is filled to throw away the trash and put the empty container back in place.

Easy Storage

You do not have to separate the parts of the dethatcher to store it. Instead, you can easily hang it over a hook under any shaded area when not in use. Moreover, it does not take much space.


  • It has a width of 21 inches which enables it to cover a good area at a time.
  • It has two sets of rotating brushes that dethatch the ground swiftly.
  • It is quite light in weight and easy to use.
  • The handle is made up of steel for easy holding.
  • The dethatcher can be adjusted according to the required height of the grass.

The dethatcher comes with a storage bag of 2.6 bushels

Benefits of A God Lawn Dethatcher

  • Thatch can completely or partially block the passage of nutrients and air into the roots. Their accumulation over ½ inches has negative impacts on the field. You can prevent it by dethatching. Dethatching helps to create an appropriate pathway for the nutrients to reach the roots of grass and enhance their health. This ensures the growth of stronger and healthier grass, which has a high resistance to various diseases.
  • Dethatching can also help you in clearing your garden of any pests.
  • When your lawn is contaminated with thatch, it takes up more of everything, i.e. the fertilizer, water, etc. So once you get rid of the bad part, you’ll notice a great decrease in the inputs required to maintain your lawn.
  • Your lawn experiences an unhindered growth of grass to its full potential as all the useless and damaging part is removed.

Types of Dethatchers

There are different types of dethatchers available in the market for the users to choose the one that best meets their needs. The three main categories are corded, tow-behind dethatchers, and cordless dethatchers.

The corded dethatcher runs on a power motor. The tow-behind dethatcher is attached to a tractor to dethatch greater area. A manual or cordless dethatcher is simple and the most affordable type of dethatchers. It requires the physical efforts of the user. This guide is based on cordless dethatchers.

What Are Cordless Dethatchers?

Cordless dethatchers are also known as manual dethatchers. They have tines or raking heads attached to them that dethatch the ground when moved over it. You do not need a power supply to run this garden equipment as it requires manual power by its user to push it forward.

They come in different shapes and sizes according to the requirement. They have tines in different shapes and materials. Some of them cover extensive areas with their wide raking head while others are suitable for small gardens and lawns. You can easily adjust the height of the dethatcher according to your grass size. Some of these also come with a collection bag that collects the thatch removed from the lawn.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Dethatcher

One cannot neglect the importance of a dethatcher. Your set of lawn tools is incomplete without one. So, if you are a garden lover, you must pick the right equipment according to your need, considering all the significant points. There are some main points that one must look into before buying a dethatcher. They are:

  • The type of dethatcher that you need.
  • Some dethatchers might not be suitable for your grass size. So you must consider the size of the dethatcher that fits your grass. It is better to choose the one that fits various lengths.
  • The head width of the dethatcher determines the coverage it can provide to the user on a single pass. The larger the ground, the wider the dethatcher head should you use because a smaller head would require hours of effort to get the job done.
  • Many producers offer long-term warranty for their products. They might provide full or limited coverage, offering you a complete repair or replacement at any time during the tenure of the warranty.
  • One important thing to consider is your ability to pay. You must choose the dethatcher which suits your budget.

These things are important to consider in order to make the right choice of dethatcher for your lawn. There are many cordless dethatchers available in the market that can efficiently meet your needs. These are the best heavy-duty lawn dethatchers for any job. You can read through their details and decide for yourself. 

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