The Corded Light Lawn Dethatchers To Remove Excessive Thatch

If you have poured your money, like water, on your lawn but it still looks dull here is one thing that’s probably missing; A dethatcher!   

A dethatcher can give life to your lawn by cleaning out the layer of dead or alive roots, shoots or stems that accumulate on the turf and do no good. This layer is also called thatch and removing it is dethatching. Dethatching is as important for the lawn as watering it. Thatch can serve positively to your garden only until it is less than ½ inches. If it exceeds that limit, it becomes a threat. It can block water and oxygen supply to your grass, putting all your efforts made over other factors to making your lawn look alive completely in vain. So if you want your garden to bloom with glossy grass, then you must dethatch your lawn once in a year but do it right away anytime you find the thatch increase to over ½ inch.

If you have a small lawn that might not take you a whole day or two to dethatch with a rake, then you can go for it, but if your lawn is larger, you’d rather get a dethatching machine. It looks similar to a mower but the two perform completely different functions. There is a variety of these machines in the market offering different features and uses.   

About the Company

WORX is a line of power products owned by a China-based company, Positec Tool Corporation. It offers a wide range of products, including lawn and garden equipment. The brand has been awarded the title of Product Of The Year in 2011 for its exceptional garden tools. The company has continued its legacy to date by producing reliable garden tools. Seeming this reputation of the organisation, you can calmly check out their products without having to worry about their performance.

Weight and Height

Like the other products by the brand, the corded dethatcher is also a very useful product. It is quite light in weight which makes it easy to carry, move and store. The tool can be adjusted between three heights depending upon the type of grass to be dethatched. The options available are -9, -3 and +3mm.  

The Collection Bag

The tool comes with a collection bag to collect all the dethatched waste to make the garden look fresh and free of all dead parts. The collection bag has a capacity to hold up to 30L of dead roots and stems. This capacity holds a good amount of junk and can be emptied when full.

Head and Handle

Its 14 inches wide head can cover a larger area at a time. It can suit large or mid-length gardens. The handle of the dethatcher is very smooth and comfortable. Its foldable feature adds to this comfort and makes it quite easy to store. You can easily fold it to increase or decrease it in size.

Lock System

The product also has a quick lock system controlled by a switch to turn off the machine at any needed point. You do not have to panic to turn it off or run to the main switch for it. This enables a tension-free operation.

The Motor

The 12 amp motor of the dethatcher does not heat up quickly and can remain calm over a longer period for continued efficient performance. The maximum output speed of the motor is 3500 rpm which shows high torque.


  • This garden tool is
  • It comes with a storage bag, having a holding capacity of about 30 L.
  • The handles are foldable and very comfortable.
  • The height of the machine can be adjusted quite easily by a knob.
  • It has a 12 amp motor.
  • The no-load speed of the machine is 3500 rpm.


Goplus Corded Dethatcher

About the Company

Goplus offers some amazing products for indoor and outdoor activities including fitness machines, automotive and tools, luggage, garden tools, etc. it is one of the highest-rated brands as it has been satisfying customers for a long time.  

Weight and Height

The Goplus lawn dethatcher is ideal equipment as it can work perfectly fine with different sizes of grass. You can adjust it between four different heights, ranging from -0.4” under the turf to 0.2 above the turf. Hence, with this dethatcher, you do not have to worry about the size of grass. If you cannot trim your grass on time, do it later even when it has grown to a considerable height. The weight of the product is 31 lbs. 


This lawn dethatcher is designed using high-quality pp and aluminum. It is quite durable and is not affected by regular wear and tear. It has an IP rating of ‘X4’. IP shows how much something is resistant to its environment. IPX4 makes it waterproof, protecting it from any wet element. This indeed ensures the durability of the machine. 

Head and Wheel

The dethatcher can get your work done in a short time by its 14-inch wide head, which covers a greater area and dethatches it all at once. This makes the task easier and quicker for you. The four wheels attached to the machine are highly durable and provides ease of function as they feel like moving forward on their own without having to push them. 

The Collection Bag

It has a 40 L large storage bag that collects the trimmed roots and shoots of the grass as they move to throw the machine to clean the area. The capacity is large enough that you’ll not have to empty the basket frequently. When you have to empty the basket, smoothly detach it from the machine and place it back when done.

The Motor

Moreover, the machine is powered by a 1400W motor which enables it to provide you with a better performance. The no-load speed of the machine is 3600 rpm.

Dual Function

This dethatcher seems to have some extra value to your purchase as it comes with a scarifier. The scarifier is responsible for cutting the tangled and messy grass patches and layers. This ensures thicker growth of the grass in the future.  The tines of the dethatcher are made with spring steel to ensure that a maximum amount of thatch has been picked up and thrown away. In this way, it does not return to the soil or escape into the air; instead, it goes directly into the storage bag. 

Safety Measures

The manufacturer prioritizes its users’ safety. With this in mind, the machine has a safe operating system. To start the machine, you first have to push the start button, and then grasp the trigger to begin working. This is to protect you from any unwanted or harmful situation because sometimes you push the start button accidentally which starts the machine immediately.

The bobbin winder helps to keep the wire in place to prevent it from coming in contact with the machine while in use. It also lets you wind up the wire easily without having to untangle it every time.


  • The equipment is made up of pp and aluminum and waterproof.
  • The detacher has four height adjustment options, -0.4”, -0.2”, 0”, and 0.2”.
  • The head of the dethatcher is 14 inches wide and weighs about 31 lbs.
  • It comes with a safety plug, bobbin winder, and a safety trigger for secure operations.
  • There are four wheels attached to the dethatcher for comfortable and smooth functioning.
  • Scarifier, along with the detachers, makes it a combo.
  • The machine is powered by a 1400W motor and 3600 rpm no-load speed.
  • The collection bag has a capacity of 40 L.

Gardena Rake Head

About the Company

Gardena has been serving millions of garden lovers worldwide over 50 years. It is highly preferred for its lawn and garden equipment. Gardena’s innovation and use of technology are remarkable. 


This dethatcher, unlike some others, does not come with a handle. It is only head being offered here and the handle is to be bought separately. Though both the parts, the head, and the handle together do not weigh down on your wallet. They are cost-effective. The head costs around $71 and the handle around $16, making it more affordable than others. All the types of combisystem handles can fit into the dethatcher’s head, but the recommended width and length of the handle are 32 cm and 180 cm respectively.

The Combisystem

Gardena follows a combisystem that helps you reduce the amount of space required to keep your garden tools. It produces tools which can be used with different handles. You can easily connect the body and the handle and disconnect it with the same ease. You can choose various handles of the combisystem for your product heads depending upon the requirements, but you can also have one and fit in all. This makes the storage of the machine quite convenient.

The Rake Head

The head of the dethatcher has a width of 12.8 inches which covers a good area but not as large as the 14-inch head. Therefore it is suitable for mid-sized lawns.

Special Tines

The machine has special tines that are made up of excellent quality stainless steel. These tines are in the form of a spring for a maximum and smooth operation. It efficiently removes thatch and moss, clearing the garden of any dead roots and shoots and enabling better absorption of nutrients in the grass. 


The dethatcher offers comfort and eases through its robust wheels and axle which provide extra support during the process. Hence, it does not require you to drag it around which makes it convenient to use.


This amazing tool comes with a warranty of 25 years from the producer. So you do not have to worry about its repair at any time during the tenure. 


  • The equipment is highly comfortable to use and is cost-effective.
  • It comes with a 25-years warranty.
  • It has spring tines made up of stainless steel.
  • The head is 12.8 inches wide.
  • The combisystem to which it belongs allows the use of a variety of handles with the rake head

Mantis Dethatcher

About the Company

Mantis claims to be easing the tiring outdoor activities with its brilliantly designed tools like cultivators, dethatchers, composter, etc. It is one of the highly-rated producers in the market. 

The Rake Head

The Mantis rake head does not come with a handle; instead, it can be attached to the Mantis tiller quite easily. The width of the rake head is 15 inches which can cover an exceptionally large area in one pass. This makes it suitable for large-sized gardens. It saves a lot of your time by speeding up the process.

The Tines

This rake head has 60 spring blades made up of steel for durable performance. The steel does not rust easily so you can dethatch your lawn even in the rainy season. The blades can dig out the thatch in one go.

Weight and Height

The machine has a lightweight, making it easy to be carried around and stored. However, this dethatcher does not offer a height adjustment tool.


  • It has a 15 inches wide dethatcher.
  • The rake head has 60 corrosion-resistant spring blades.
  • The machine is
  • It offers easy handling and storage

Greenworks corded dethatcher

About the Company

Greenworks offers amazing power tools, including corded equipment and mowers. It has almost every tool for every job.    

The motor

The dethatcher has a 10 amp motor. With this power, you can easily dethatch a large area in a short time. It can work for a long time before heating up during the process. You do not have to wait frequently for it to cool down. The equipment runs perfectly with a normal household current of 120 V with 60 Hz AC. 

Head and Handle

The dethatcher has 14 inches ahead of width 14 inches to get you over with the task quickly. It has adjustable handles that can be folded according to requirements, providing easy storage. The handles are padded to provide you with a good grip and exceptional comfort. 


You can adjust the height of the dethatcher according to your needs with the three available options for an excellent performance.

The Tines

The dethatcher has 14-inch sharp tines made up of stainless steel for durable and heavy-duty performance. Not only that, the tool comes with a set of 18 more tines to replace when required. So you do not have to worry about them breaking or coming apart at any time.

Extension Cord Instructions

It is recommended to use an extension cord with a length of 50 feet or less with a wire gauge of size 14. If you take an under-sized cord, it can break your power supply halting the process in between which can lead to overheating of the machine.

Noise Pollution

 The dethatcher does not make excessive noise to annoy the user or the people around. It is quite smooth to operate.


This great garden tool has a four-year warranty from the producer. Greenworks backs its products with full warranty over an extensive period. So you can be tension-free for four years.


  • It offers three options to adjust the height.
  • The dethatcher has 18 tines up to 14 inches long.
  • The brand offers equal sets of replacement tines.
  • It comes with a warranty for four years.
  • The machine does not make annoying noises.
  • The head of the dethatcher is 14 inches wide.
  • It has comfortable handles.
  • The motor supplies the power of 10 amps

Things To Consider When Buying A Dethatcher

Now that you know the importance of a detacher, you must also know the things to consider before owning one yourself.

1.    Type Of Dethatcher

Different types of dethatchers are available in the market, including corded dethatcher, cordless dethatcher, a simple rake, etc. Choose the one which will meet your garden needs.

2.    Grass Size

Not every detacher works on every grass size. When buying a dethatcher, you must check the size of the grass it can work with. Based on this fact, many dethatchers offer height adjustment features for users to set their height according to their grass size. 

3.    Dethatcher head width

Dethatchers come in various head sizes for different garden sizes. A wider head can cover a larger area at a time, but a narrow head is suitable for a small area.

4.    AMP rating

When talking about corded dethatchers, amp denotes the time the electric motor takes to cool down. Therefore a higher amp means that the motor will remain cool for a longer time during the operation. This is an important aspect to consider because if your motor keeps heating up during the process, you will have to wait for it to cool down before continuing again, making the task more time-consuming than ever. 

5.    Warranty

Many producers offer long-term warranty for their products. You can choose the one that provides a longer warranty and better service so that you do not have to put any more money into the product once you buy it, which adds to the list of benefits the equipment offers.

6.    Budget

You must consider your budget before you land your hands on a tool. A product with lavish packaging might appeal to your eyes, but it’s always useful to stick to the one both as performance and cost.

These were some aspects to consider in a dethatcher before buying it, but if you are looking for some corded dethatcher to consider, here are some of the corded lawn dethatcher for any job. 

Using a Corded Dethatcher

One from the variety of available dethatcher is corded dethatcher. A corded dethatcher is the one that is powered by an electric motor. Unlike a traditional manual dethatcher, it is way more convenient and quicker. So if you want to take good care of your lawn, giving it all the due investments, you must include a corded dethatcher. It not just eases your garden chores but also enables you to make time for other activities. It is best for people with a busy routine as they might not be able to find enough time to dethatch their garden with a manual dethatcher which can be time-taking.

In a corded dethatcher, you have to plug in the equipment and let it do the rest. As soon as you turn on the machine, its cylinder equipped with tines starts moving and clearing the turf.

Considering the style of blade, we see three types of dethatchers. One has tines set up in a cylinder that rotates on powering the dethatcher. Another one is the hover dethatcher. It is suitable for extended lengths of grasses and shrubs and not for small gardens. The third one is rotary dethatcher. It has blades fitted in a way that they cut the thatch by plunging in the soil. 

These dethatchers are self-propelled, and you do not need extra efforts to push them over the trail. You can also use an extended cord to cover a longer distance without disconnecting the power supply in between the operation.

It comes in various shapes and sizes ranging from narrow, which is good for small lawns to wide enough to detach larger ones easily. You do not have to worry about this aspect of the machine as the producers are already deeply penetrated in the market, taking notes of users’ requirements and acting upon them. You can easily find the one that suits your needs.

The surprising part about these machines is that they are not at all heavy and can be easily moved and placed. Some of them also come with a collecting bag, which holds the thatch until disposed to make your work easier.

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