What Kind of Oil Goes in a Lawn Mower?

What Kind of Oil Goes in a Lawn Mower

What kind of oil goes in a lawn mower? When changing your lawnmower’s oil, you need to know what type is ideal for the engine, so you get optimal use out of your mower.

It is recommended that before adding things to your mower that you may not know about; you need to refer to your user manual.

What Kind of Oil Goes in a Lawn Mower?

SAE 30

SAE 30 oil for lawn mowers - What Kind of Oil Goes in a Lawn Mower?

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SAE 30 is the most common oil for small lawnmowers for small yards and used in temperatures of 5°c higher. It is a motor oil that has a viscosity rating of 30. Most motor oils have ratings up to 50. This dictates how well the oil pours and different temperatures. Thicker oils generally work during colder temperatures and perform better when starting engines. It is an oil that is typically used for smaller air-cooled engines.

SAE 10W-30

SAE 10W-30 mower oil

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SAE 10W-30 if you are operating your mower at higher temperatures, also great for colder temperature starting but oil consumption may rise. Because this is a multigrade oil, it can be pumped by the engines at low temperatures as well, similar to a single grade oil. 10w-30 is an oil that is used in the winter months, and the number 30 in the oil type represents how well this oil performs in certain temperatures, for example, 100 Celsius or higher.

SAE 5w-30 – best oil for lawn mower

SAE 5w-30 lawn mower oil

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SAE 5w-30 is an oil used for very cold temperatures and operates best in the winter months. The W stands for winter and dictates how the viscosity of this oil changes with temperature. Oils like these are common because they allow the engine to operate at low and high temp’s allowing oil to flow freely through the engine.


15W-50 lawnmower oil

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15W-50 oil works in higher grade and performance engines and is widely used in commercial engines. It can handle very high temperatures and operates better in these areas. If you have a ride-on lawnmower or use a lawnmower for bigger jobs, it might be worth considering 15w-50. The numbers in the title, as well as the W represents the weight, thickness, and viscosity of the oil.

Things to keep in mind when choosing lawn mower oil:

When buying oil it is important to use high-quality oil ranging from SF – SG -SH -SJ or higher. Don’t start adding un-needed additives to your lawnmower when you’re using higher quality oil. Synthetic oils are great at all temperatures.

Lower quality oil will burn quicker under heavy loads which is why you can look at API spec, single SAE density type oils that might be a great option as well. These keep the engine lubricated under great loads.

SAE W 30 or W40 – best lawn mower oil

When looking at different oils for your mower, it is important to know what type of oil goes in what machine. When you purchase the correct oils for the lawnmower, it will increase longevity in the engine, keeping it lubricated and running smoothly.

You should understand the difference between the different types of oils, as well as how often you should change it, and what types of oil go into your mower.

A lot of homeowners use regular motor oil in their lawn tools and it may work, but it might not be the most efficient option.

Engine oil made for smaller engines provide the correct protection and lubrication needed for the engine operating conditions. Lawnmowers and other lawn tools can sit around in a garage for a long time, before being used at their full capacity. A high-quality oil will allow your lawnmower’s engine to sit idle, and then run at its full potential.

When picking the correct type of oil, you should always refer to your user manual as there will be in-depth knowledge of the product and should specify what type of oil you should use.

Large lawn mowers like ride-on mowers are generally equipped with 4 stroke engines. If you have a mower with this type of engine its probably safe to say that you can use general motor oil in the engine. These types of mower engines are similar to ones found in cars and work by pumping oil through the engine.

If you don’t know what type of engine your mower is equipped with, its best to check the manual before purchasing any oil. There may be special requirements when it comes to mowers and it might need a specific oil that has certain additives and a certain viscosity that you might need to use.

Two-stroke engines are found in smaller lawn equipment such as push mowers and manual mowers, weed whackers, and perhaps chain saws. Two-stroke engines don’t have a separate lubrication system therefore oil is brunt along with fuel. There is a ratio that should be specified in the manual of your mower and will tell you what the ratio of oil to fuel burning is.

When changing your lawnmowers oil it is important to use correct oils as it can lead to unfortunate effects on your engine.

Our first choice is to use whatever the manufacturers of your lawnmower say about the oil. A close second is any 30w oil that we have mentioned above. Any oil that has a high thickness and viscous will do the job for many seasons to come. Generally, how it goes with some lawn tools and mowers of the like. Some homeowners only ever have one lawnmower.

Can you use the same oil you use for your car in your mower?

What Kind of Oil Goes in a Lawn Mower

For your mower, you would still need to pick the correct oil with the right viscosity for your engine. Any of the oils we have mentioned above should be sufficient, as well as looking at your user manual for further information. Lawnmower engines, on average, last for years of use and if you change the oil regularly, they will perform for many years. If you use incorrect oil, you may run the risk of your mower misfiring or not starting at all. If this is the case make sure you check your spark plugs and the oil that you are using.

I hope the above helps answer the question – what kind of oil for lawn mower?